Consultative and Collaborative Rural Health Care Delivery

Patients in rural and/or remote settings have accessibility issues to professional and expert health care services. Potentially, patient case severity is ignored due to need of multiple follow up consultations. A collaborative and consultative health care delivery tries to address target group’s capacity building through collaborative consultations, case history management, and knowledge sharing. This system provides patients medically accurate information with minimal follow up. Doctors located in rural and/or remote settings are able to make accurate diagnoses on time and condition sensitive  cases and recommend appropriate prognoses.

Dhulikhel Hospital’s (private, non-profit) Department of General Medicine and Emergency Medicine provides expert advice during the consultative process for non-trivial cases. Such a model has ensured long term system sustainability through a multi-stakeholder consultative process, the technology which is underpinned by a municipal (Dullu Municipality) owned and operated robust optical fiber network.