Procurement Notice

Beyond the Net program of Internet Society has funded Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) to support Dullu Municipality to enhance the ICT infrastructure and to pilot a telemedicine project in the municipality, under the Effective Broadband for Health Project.

The bidders qualifying the following criteria are requested to send their quotations through email to and for the purchase, delivery and installation of the telemedicine kit:

Solution Highlights

  1. Set of Eight Wireless Diagnostic devices pushing data directly to an application
  2. Integrated Software analytics programs predict diagnosis and host of clinical conditions
  3. US- FDA Certified, HIPPA Compliance

Hardware Required and Diagnostics

  1. Vital Signs: Pulse Oximeter, Temperature, Weight / BMI, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate
  2. Cardio: FDA Certified ECG, Auscultation, Cardiac Function Test from one device
  3. Visual Examination: Dermascope / Otoscope
  4. Lung Function : Pulmonary Function Test
  5. Point of Care (Optional): Blood / Urine tests that can be included – Glucose. Lipid Profile, Haemoglobin, HbA1c, Urine Test – Routine, Infectious diseases – HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria etc
  6. Imaging – Portable PoC Ultrasound

Software & Analytics

  1. AI embedded Software analytics programs, predict host of clinical conditions for Cardio vascular , Auscultation , Vital Signs and related areas.
  2. Integrated App predicts early warning on medical conditions
  3. Seamlessly track & integrate big data into EHR, gain actionable knowledge

Support / Features / Security

  1. Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Tele-Consultation
  2. Secured hosting on Cloud, Scalable, customization possible
  3. Over 1000 installations across the world
  4. Warranty Support, Updates and enhancements
  5. Training, Installation and Implementation
  6. Should be portable , Water resistant bag

Required Number: Two (2)

Special note : The App / System should  have embedded AI’s tools for clinical diagnosis, analytics and end-to-end EMR enabling generate patients reports deploying AI & Machine Learning tools at point of Care.

Bidders with social-entrepreneurship attitude will be given preference and are requested to send in the quotes within seven (7) days of publication of this notice. All rights are reserved with Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development and Internet Society Nepal Chapter to accept or reject any submitted quotation.